Unlock Your Encrypted Wallet

We utilize super-computers and your knowledge to unlock your crypto wallet

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We help you recover your encrypted wallet

If you've lost or forgotten your password to your Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet, then your coins would normally be lost forever.

However, if you have some knowledge about the password, like number of characters, previous passwords etc, we can help.

By using super-computers, your knowledge and our expertise, we create a customized brute-force attack on your wallet.

Who we are

We are a team of computer engineers, holding master degrees in computer science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. We work with IT development on a daily basis, and have a strong interest in cryptography. André will be your primary contact, with support of the rest of the team when necessary.


Founder, MSc Computer Engineering


Our whole business is based upon trust. We get access to people's private funds, often worth thousands or millions of dollars. If we break your trust, we are out of business. Simple as that.

Therefore, our highest priority is that you can be confdient that when you trust us your wallet, it will remain safe at our end. We will do everything we can to unlock it and bring you back your assets, but you still remain in control and can tell us to abort and delete all our local files whenever you prefer.

It is, after all, YOUR wallet and YOUR funds - we are only a third party assisting you

How it works

When you contact us, you will get a personal key account manager who will guide you through the entire process. Usually, this is André.

Andy will ask you some questions about your wallet, like...

  • When did you lose your password
  • Any previous passwords
  • Any recollection of the passwords anatomy - like number of characters, upper/lower case, symbols etc

We will then ask you to hand over your wallet. If you are uncomfortable doing this, we can assist you in making a hash of it. After we get access to your wallet, we agree upon a price depending on the size of the wallet. Our policy is no cure, no pay. If we are not successful unlocking your wallet, we won't charge you anything. It is therefore in both yours and our interests to unlock the wallet

Contact us

Our e-mail is coinwalletrecover@gmail.com. After we establish contact, we will establish a secure channel for you to hand over your details. Please do not attach your wallet.dat in your initial e-mail. We look forward working with you!